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Welcome to Ancestors Singing, a Consulting company that helps businesses like yours achieve unique goals. Our expert professionals will partner with your business to deliver tailor-made practical solutions, fast.
We focus on a journey with you that will enhance the company / organisation and employees ability to work from a cultural lens and continue to improve your commitment to FIrst Nations people of this country.



A journey for genuine cross cultural changes

Ancestors Singing consultant is Jackie Stewart, a First Nations woman from the Kungabula nation in South east QLD. Jackie has worked in community services for 17 plus years, specialising in inter-generational trauma and lateral violence, has Cert 4 TAE, Ad. Dip in Community services Management, Dip in Counseling, Dip in Community Services, worked in crisis services,  Family and Community Services, managed Aboriginal community controlled orgs, developed and Co-designed programs, developed and delivered unique training packages, presented at conferences, creating frameworks for programs, developing culturally safe practices for services.

Ancestors Singing has many years of engaging services, developing and delivering training to workers whom work with the Aboriginal communities. We have unique programs and training that are available for community and clients.

Cultural supervision and guidance with unique engaging resources available for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal workers and managers. Cultural supervision offers a safe space to discuss any challenges that have been faced and strategies to build and create best practice in the future.

Ancestors Singing is a cultural consultancy organisation that offers training packages, developing personal cultural journey's for non-indigenous organisations, policies and support in community engagement.

Our specialised service offers pre consultations to develop training and support specifically for your services needs.



Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth. Please get in touch with us today to learn how Ancestors Singing can help your future success.


single or multiple consultations with cultural lens

Ancestors Singing will provide you will support and guidance in any area of cultural consultation needed, project development, project engagement, evaluations, service delivery, frameworks, reporting from a cultural lense, cultural safety, trauma models. Your service may need a one off consultation or ongoing engagement to get the results you need.

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targeted training development

Cultural learning and understanding is an ongoing and continuous journey and training should be developed on your organisations current practices and employee skills. 
Ancestors Singing will engage with management, board and staff to develop and intense training package that works for you, using our unique techniques to assess current cultural accountability.

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Engaging culturally appropriate services and programs

Engaging services and programs can be difficult and time consuming, sometimes you need someone to facilitate the meetings, call people to the table, or something more simple, direct you to a service that offers exactly what you need. Ancestors Singing can be that link for you, to help engage and get the best for your service.




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